BIFF Main Review – On Her Shoulders

The documentary about Nadia Murad is a strong an important voice.

In 2014 Nadia Murad Basee Taha was kidnapped by ISIS. She was in the end able to flee from them. The time after this she has used to talk about what she went through and what we can do to defeat ISIS. She has become an important voice for her people Yazidi, and those who still are held. If we don’t stand up against them nothing will change.  Les videre

BIFF Main Review – Laila at the Bridge

A compelling documentary about a woman’s fight for opium-addicts in Kabul.

Since 1992 Afghanistan has been the leading producer of opium (illegally), and closer to 90 % of all the drug is produced here. Quite a lot of people in Afghanistan is addicts. This is where Laila and her team comes in.

Laila Haidari is the toughest woman I have seen at Bergen International Filmfestival in all these years. No matter how much resistance she gets she stands even stronger, and never gives up.  Les videre

BIFF Hovedomtale – Pick of the Litter

En firbeint dokumentar som gir inntrykk.

Et kamerateam følger valpene Poppet, Topomac, Patriot, Primrose og Phil i to år fra de blir født til en av dem skal bli en førerhund. Frem til dette blir de trenet godt for å sørge for at de har det lille ekstra. Om dette betyr at de vil bli en førerhund gjenstår å se. Dokumentaren gir et nyansert blikk på treningen til hundene, men det er også visse ting jeg vil kritisere.   Les videre

BIFF Main Review – Andið eðlilega

The next movie takes us to Iceland, and is a story of two women that find each other in their worst situations. 

And Breathe Normally, or Andið eðlilega, which is the original title of the movie, is a story about the two women, Lára (Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir) and Adja (Babetida Sadjo). Lára is struggling to make ends meet to be able to buy food and give her son Eldar (Patrik Nökkvi Pétursson) what he needs. One day she receives an answer to an job application that can mean quite a lot for her future. On one of her first workdays she stops Adja from taking a plane, because her passport doesn’t fill the requirements. Because of this Adja gets sent to jail for 30 days (or less), and can in worst case scenario be deported if her she gets her application rejected.  Les videre

BIFF Main review – Rafiki

Rafiki is an extraordinarily good movie, with a strong casting and great cinematic techniques.

Kena (Samantha Mugatsia) lives with her religious mom, Mercy (Nini Wacera). On her freetime she works in her fathers, John Mwaura (Jim Gathu), store in Kenya. She herself is studying hard to become a nurse. When she meets Ziki (Sheila Munyiva) everything changes. Ziki inspires her to aim higher, and Kena sees that she can become a doctor if she works hard enough. Amidst all this they fall for each other, and it creates a bigger discord in their life. Les videre